Mystical Springs Trading Post

Farm products exchange in midwestern Amish country


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Egg Special! 5-1 year old hens (Hyline Brown) and 1-6 month old Buff Orpington rooster, hens laying now: $50.

Offering Quail (eggs and started chicks, starter cage setups,) Chickens (year old hens, free range selected roosters,) New Zealand Rabbits, Lionhead Rabbits, Guinea pigs, handmade natural soaps, mushrooms and growing supplies, and garden seeds.

We are your one-stop shop for all your rabbit needs. We offer a wide selection of healthy, high-quality rabbits for sale – from pedigreed show rabbits to companion rabbits for pet families. All of our lionhead rabbits are bred for their temperaments, and we take great pride in raising healthy, well-socialized rabbits that make wonderful companions. Our rabbits come from long-established lines of carefully selected genetics and are raised in our family-run rabbitry with lots of love and attention. We specialize in rare and highly sought-after colors, as well as popular colors, such as tort, REW, and Black. If you are looking for a new rabbit companion, or need to find a home for your current pet, we can help.

If your interested in raising meat rabbits, we have production tested New Zealand’s in Black, Blue, and Broken. Breeding age trio’s ready to start working for you available now!

We also offer a variety of rabbit supplies and accessories to make sure your rabbit is happy and comfortable. Thank you for visiting

Please feel free to browse our selection and contact us if you have any questions.

Lionhead Rabbits:

Learn more about all our products and how to order below:

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Delivery Schedule-2023

This is our current delivery schedule, if you are looking to order something from us, see if your able to meet at any of these locations. TEXT 507-306-3929 to confirm your order. All of our products are available for delivery by prior arrangement, depending on availability. NOTE: Communication is difficult because I am deep down in Daisy Valley and do not get cellular service at my location. I will have to make special arrangements to communicate via phone calls, greatly prefer texting.

March 2023

1: 234
56 Quail Hatching Starts!7 Austin MN89 Decorah IA10: 11 Rochester MN
1213 1415 Decorah IA16 17 18
1920212223: Rochester MN2425: Austin MN
262728293031: Rochester MN
Delivery Schedule subject to change

Delivery Locations include: Lime Springs IA, Decorah IA, Rochester MN, Austin MN, St. Charles MN, and Lacrosse WI.

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