Welcome to Mystical Springs Rabbitry in South East Minnesota. We raise and sell Commercial New Zealand rabbits and companion Lionhead rabbits. We are a small rabbitry with less than 100 animals at any given time. We also raise chickens, quail, Guinea pigs, and honey bees. I make all natural soaps, garden organically, and produce specialty edible mushrooms such as oysters, lion-mane, and more.

In my lifetime of raising rabbits, I have personal experience with rabbits in Minnesota going for from 25 cents at a feed store in 1978, all the way up to $225 these days, for basic starter show quality animals. For high quality show rabbits from Best in Show winning lines you can expect to pay over $500I have bred and shown Best in Show quality rabbits, I have won sweepstakes with multiple breeds, and I have been involved with the development and introduction of new breeds and varieties to the American Rabbit Breeders Association. With that experience in mind, I have narrowed down what we do with our rabbits today. In our current Rabbitry, we are focused on breeding pet quality Lionhead Rabbits which make wonderful pets, and New Zealand Rabbits that are raised for homestead meat production. Meat will be the main purpose for the New Zealand’s we raise, as well as great garden fertilizer! If your looking to raise meat rabbits for a commercial market, I highly recommend you find white New Zealand’s and/or Californians, colored animals are docked by commercial meat buyers. We’ve examined our expenses, and we have set a price for our Rabbits that we feel comfortable with, and hope others will be too.

As we are focused on raising colored New Zealand meat rabbits for our family, and also improving the production quality of our line, we will have a limited number of adult animals available. Despite extremely high demand recently, we won’t be selling every bunny out of our litters. The plan is to retain the top 1-3 rabbits per litter (top 10% of males, top 25% of females), to improve our breeding lines. Also, we will not be selling the bottom 2-3 bunnies from each litter. Due to the nature of the linebreeding plan we follow, about 25% of animals are not suitable quality for reproduction due to negative recessive genes. These animals generally can be great pets, but don’t have the growth rate desirable for a meat rabbit.

We make available for sale all the animals we are not keeping for breeding or butcher, mainly to pay for feed costs. Therefore the amount of animals we will be offering for sale will depend on how well our mother rabbits do and how big the litters are. Below is a FAQ and the pricing we have set for the future litters/rabbits we won’t be keeping, to hopefully make it easier when your family is thinking of taking some of our Rabbits home to your own homestead! We are very competitively priced considering current feed costs.

NZW Doe feeding her bunnies in a hutch type box.

Pricing: Updated January 2023

  • Pedigreed Rabbits: $30 
  • Non-Pedigreed Rabbits: $25
  • Meat Breeder Quads: $100

Quads are 2 females and 2 males (Pedigrees are included, best quality we sell)


Deposits, Returns, and Pick Up Day:

  • Deposits: 

If you have chosen a specific Rabbit that you want placed on hold for a later pick up date, we can do that! But we ask a deposit be placed of 50%— half the total purchase price— to hold the Rabbit and secure your spot for it. The deposit is not needed for the wait list; only when you have chosen your Rabbit and need to have it put on hold.

  • *Deposits are Refundable* We understand that buying an animal can be a big commitment. So, if something comes up and you can no longer take the one you have on hold, we can refund the deposit if you notify us before the animal is ready to go to a new home.
  • Deposit Options: Cash, Check, PayPal, and Facebook Pay.

Fail to Pick Up Rabbit?

If I have contacted you, stating your Rabbit is ready to go and have asked to schedule a pick up day, and you do not respond within 7 days; your deposit will be retained, and you will not receive the Rabbit. Rabbit will then be posted as available again. If the rabbit sells to another buyer, your deposit will be refunded.

We Can Refuse Any Sales:

We also obtain the right to refuse any sale before or during the sale process; full payment or deposit will be refunded.

Rabbit Pick Up Day:

  • Pick ups will be done at local public location only for the safety of our home, family, and animals. We have a delivery ROUTE and make WEEKLY deliveries to local area in about a 1 hour radius of our home. We deliver eggs, honey, soap, rabbits and our other products. Generally, we can work with you to save travel time by coordinating your delivery with all our others, if we have time to schedule.
  • Location and scheduling can be discussed with us via private messages through our Facebook Rabbitry page, email, blog contact page, but TEXT PREFERED for fastest reply! (507) 306-3929.
  • What you will need and what the Rabbit comes with: Each Rabbit always comes with a small bag of transition feed (pellets) to help them adapt a little easier to their new diet. The one thing we do ask of you, is that you bring a carrier (box, cage, kennel, etc.) to hold the Rabbit during your car ride home as we don’t recommend holding it in your lap during it’s first car ride, in a new environment; potentially causing stress on the animal.


We do not accept returns. We make sure that we only sell the healthiest, best looking Rabbits from our litters. Once it is out of our care, it is your families responsibility. We ARE willing to help by notifying our waiting list about your rabbit should you find you can’t keep it. We will add a posting to our ads and blog helping you find a suitable home.

We encourage you to research before you buy! Rabbits can take time to get settled in; new place, new food, new friends maybe, new water even! Rabbits can be sensitive to environmental changes, so we encourage you to give them time and make it as less stressful as possible if it seems the Rabbit is not yet settled in. If you have any questions after bringing your Rabbit home, we are always here to offer our help and any informative resources we know of!

Lionhead mom and litter in hutch type nestbox.

When it comes to the care of our Rabbits and selling; We will only to the best of our knowledge provide healthy, well taken care of Rabbits, as this is how we treat all of our animals. We will never sell a hurt, unhealthy, or even aggressive/unsocialized Rabbit to you. We strive to keep our communication clear, honest, and straightforward– especially when it comes to getting one of our animals a new home. We unfortunately know what its like to be on the buying end of that stick (no honest communication, pedigrees promised and never sent, rabbits not pure-bred), and it’s not fun for anyone! We keep all our animals as healthy and safe as we can. However, we also understand that even though it’s a rare occurrence with well taken care of animals, sometimes things happen and animals can get taken by a predator, quickly develop a health issue, or suffer an unexpected injury. 


  • Rabbits CAN come tattooed with a custom tattoo, by request. Give us a few days to get the tattoo in and healed up before pickup.
  • Pedigree comes as a paper copy, but I can also email a copy of the pedigree as well.
  • If the pedigree is ever lost, contact me with your name, and the Rabbit’s information and I should be able to get you a copy.

A Rabbit’s pedigree paperwork information cannot be changed or altered after leaving our care.


Updates on litters and what Rabbits are available, will be posted to our page: Farm-Store.org!

Any further questions on buying a Rabbit from our Rabbitry, please contact me through our Contact Us page!

Thank you!

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