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At Mystical Springs, we are dedicated to helping you create a sustainable, low-maintenance system for providing your family with a steady supply of healthy, delicious meat. We specialize in raising rabbits in urban environments, providing you with everything you need to create a successful, self-sustaining system. We provide comprehensive guides and advice on housing, nutrition, and care for rabbits, as well as a selection of top-quality feed and supplies.

With the right knowledge and supplies, you can easily create a successful system that will provide your family with a steady supply of delicious, healthy meat. Rabbit meat is high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy and nutritious choice for your family. Our rabbits are raised in a safe and humane environment and are given the best possible care and nutrition to ensure they stay healthy and productive. Thank you for visiting Town Rabbit Raising. We look forward to helping you create your own self-sustaining system.

Why Are Eggs So Expensive Today?

Eggs are one of the most widely consumed food items in the world, yet they remain one of the most expensive items in the grocery store. Why are eggs so expensive when they’re so widely available? The answer is a complex combination of factors that influence the egg industry.

The price of eggs is largely determined by the cost of production. Most egg producers use large-scale, automated facilities to raise and process their eggs, and these systems require significant investments in equipment and labor. Additionally, the cost of feed and bedding materials, which vary greatly based on the season, can also drive up the cost of egg production.

In addition to production costs, the egg industry is also subject to government regulations. The government sets minimum prices for eggs, which can drive up the cost for consumers. Additionally, the Bird-Flu scare allowed the government to destroy millions of birds and stop egg imports, which has lead to higher prices for eggs.

Finally, changes in consumer demand can also affect the price of eggs. As more consumers become aware of the health benefits of eggs, the demand for eggs has risen, leading to higher prices. Additionally, the popularity of organic and free-range eggs has driven up the cost for organic eggs.

Large producers are under contract on prices, so the recent feed price increases were not immediately expressed in the egg cost to the consumer, but this increasing is being felt now, as egg prices have shot up from $0.99 a dozen to well over $8 per dozen now!

What can you do?

Even if you live in town, you can raise quail for eggs. Enough eggs can be produced in a 10 gallon aquarium for the average family. There is generally no government regulations or ordinances preventing raising quail, the way there generally is on chickens and other larger fowl, such as ducks, geese, or turkeys.

The Pros and Cons of Raising Chickens: Raising chickens has become increasingly popular in recent years, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before taking on this endeavor. While there are many benefits to raising chickens, there are also some potential drawbacks that you should consider before making the decision to raise your own flock. One of the biggest pros of raising chickens is that they can provide a steady supply of fresh eggs. Depending on the breed, chickens can lay up to 6 eggs per week, providing a sustainable source of nutrition for your family. Additionally, chickens can provide valuable manure for your garden, as well as pest control around the yard. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to raising chickens. Chickens require a significant investment of time and money to maintain, and they are vulnerable to disease and predators. Additionally, some breeds of chickens can be loud and messy, which can be a nuisance to neighbors.

Quail can produce small but nutritious eggs in an incredibly small space, and extremely efficiently. They make noises few people can identify, and generally are not as loud and messy as chickens and are easy to conceal in a home, garage, or yard. Ultimately, raising any animal can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before taking on this endeavor.

We can provide you with live birds, proper equipment, and the know how you will need to provide fresh nutritious eggs for your family today! Visit our farm store at MysticMorels.com.