Mystical Springs Trading Post

Farm products exchange in midwestern Amish country

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Jerusalem Artichoke Starts! High yielding native plant producing 12-15 million calories of food per acre. Native plant and has no pests or diseases. Self seeding, no need for watering or fertilizing, all soil types.

Plant starts potted with Morel Mushroom starts: $25


Bee Nuc-5 frame nuc of bees comes with styrofoam nuc box!

Chestnut Breeding Quality Buck: $40

Tort Buck, Show Prospect: $50

New Zealand Weanlings: Breeding Quality Bucks and Does-$30 each or $25 each 4 or more.

Broken Black Bucks (2)

Broken Black Does (3)

Broken Blue Doe (1)

Black Does (3)

Black Bucks (2)

Super cute Lionheads ready soon!

BEW Bucks and Does

BEW Carrier Tricolors

Fawn, Frost, and Sable

Seal and white

REW, Broken Tort, Black

Lion-Lops Ready Soon! Interesting new breed imported from England. Conform to the mini-lop standard but have the mane gene. These grow to an adult size of under 6 pounds. Come in all the colors of Mini-lops. I don’t have any brokens yet, however. Adorable blacks, sables, frosts, torts, and REW’s ready soon. $40