Mystical Springs Trading Post

Farm products exchange in midwestern Amish country

Mushroom Season Begins May 15th!


First King Oysters are fruiting now! First fruit was 7 inches tall and 7 inches diameter.

Expecting blue oysters and Elm Oysters in the next two weeks.

Cultivated Morels are beginning to develop, should be ready for sale in season.

Lion Male and Pink Oyster need warmer weather.

Fresh mushrooms-$5/4 oz. bag

  • Interested in Growing Your Own? We have indoor and outdoor grow kits available now! Specify your choice.
    • Indoor ready to fruit Oyster mushroom kit-$25
      • Florida Oyster
      • Blue Oyster
      • Yellow Oyster
      • Pink Oyster
    • Indoor ready to fruit King Oyster mushroom kit-$30
      • Black King
      • Blue King
      • Frost King
    • Outdoor Morel Kits-$35
      • Yellow Morel
      • Blush Morel
      • Black Morel
      • Burn Morel
    • Indoor Kits (Rare Types)-$40
      • Lion Mane
      • Chicken of the Woods
      • Hen of the Woods
      • Chagas

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