Mystical Springs Trading Post

Farm products exchange in midwestern Amish country

Mushroom Season has Begun!


Yellow oyster motherload sale: $8/lb.

First King Oysters are fruiting now! First fruit was 7 inches tall and 7 inches diameter.

Expecting blue oysters and Elm Oysters in the next two weeks.

Cultivated Morels are beginning to develop, should be ready for sale in 2-3 weeks.

Lion Male and Pink Oyster need warmer weather.

Fresh mushrooms-$5/4 oz. bag

  • Interested in Growing Your Own? We have indoor and outdoor grow kits available now! Specify your choice.
    • Indoor ready to fruit Oyster mushroom kit-$25
      • Florida Oyster
      • Blue Oyster
      • Yellow Oyster
      • Pink Oyster
    • Indoor ready to fruit King Oyster mushroom kit-$30
      • Black King
      • Blue King
      • Frost King
    • Outdoor Morel Kits-$35
      • Yellow Morel
      • Blush Morel
      • Black Morel
      • Burn Morel
    • Indoor Kits (Rare Types)-$40
      • Lion Mane
      • Chicken of the Woods
      • Hen of the Woods
      • Chagas

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