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NZ Litter # 12 Finally Here!

Finally — I have felt so sorry for this girl, getting bigger and bigger, but she finally had the litter of 12!!!

Pregnant NZW
She could barely move around!
NZW Litter #12
Proud Pappa!
Black Buck

Cedar Bluff’s “Tom”

Birth Day 12 born, 11 live!
NZ Litter #12

Black and Broken Black

Born 4/23/2022

3 Week Litter Weaning Weight
NZ Litter #12
5 Week Weight

Coming Soon!

NZ Litter #12

Individual 8 week weights
So adorable, already nine days old-eyes open tomorrow, 9 and two are fostered off onto other does. The little runts are still with us!
Litter Final Results: Weight gain charts, final weights, growth rate average, sales information-coming soon!
NZ Litter #12
Information on Sales
NZ Litter #12
Individual Pricing
NZ Litter #12
She did Great! Raised 9 herself, and provided two foster bunnies which were raised by other moms and are doing fine!
NZ Litter #12