There are many different types of businesses that can be successful in Iowa, and the best option for a money-making business will depend on factors such as the individual’s skills, interests, and resources. However, some industries that have the potential to be profitable in Iowa include:

  1. Agriculture: Iowa is a leading agricultural state and is known for its production of corn, soybeans, and pork. Starting a farm or agribusiness, such as a grain elevator or feed mill, could be a profitable venture.
  2. Manufacturing: Iowa has a strong manufacturing industry, particularly in the areas of machinery, food processing, and chemical production. Starting a manufacturing business in one of these areas could be a good option.
  3. Renewable Energy: Iowa is a leading state in the production of wind energy, there are more than 100 wind farms operating in the state, and it’s also a leading state in ethanol production. Starting a business in the renewable energy sector such as a wind turbine or solar panel installation company could be a profitable option.
  4. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is consistently growing, and starting a business in the healthcare field, such as a home health care agency or medical equipment supplier, could be a profitable venture in Iowa.
  5. Food and Beverage: Iowa’s food and beverage industry continues to grow, with a strong emphasis on artisanal and locally-sourced products. Starting a business such as a craft brewery, restaurant, or specialty food store could be a successful option.

It’s worth noting that before starting a business, a comprehensive market research and feasibility study should be done to analyze the industry, competition, target market, and projected income.